TLRC doings….

The Logging Road Cyclist has not been feeling quite his usual perky self lately, so he thought he’d try some nutrition and riding tips out locally. What better ride than that vicious little Mac-Dunn Misery Whip? Well, this time it was a spectacular day, and the ride wasn’t quite so miserable. TLRC even tried out a caffeine depth charge he devised: 1 heaping tsp  of Megdalia D’Oro instant espresso, same quantity instant hot chololate mix. Put into a very small Nalgene bottle. When required (like when eating more food stops working) add a small amount of water, shake and quaff. Wow! Works like a champ, except after the ride, when The Long Suffering Girlfriend gets sick of cranky chatter…..

Also the Sugarloaf Mountain ride in the Laurel Mountain Massif has been logged and posted.

Even more exciting than all of this: TLRC has gone interstate!