Hiatus Interruptus

The Logging Road Cyclist would like to apologize to all his loyal fans for the lengthy gap between both posts and new ride descriptions. At the same time, TLRC wants to thank the many dozens of you who have written, some in a high state of anxiety, about the whereabouts of TLRC and if malady, tragedy, or simple boredom had caused him to desert the site. While not caring to delve into the reasons, TLRC will let it suffice to say that a couple of minor, run-of-the-mill orthopedic problems has held TLRC away from his usual pastime. No pastime, no posts.

Not that TLRC has done nothing, far from it. He has had, on the whole, a pretty fun summer. First he drug out the Old Faithful Steed:

Old Faithful Steed

Yes, TLRC has one of these, originally purchased during an earlier period of minor orthopedic restrictions. OFS has seen TLRC through two MOR’s, two shoulder surgeries, and a lot of fun. It is hard to beat a long cruise through the Valley on a beautiful Spring day or a hot Summer’s day on a recumbent. A century without any pain is a remarkable thing. TLRC does it right: Hat under the helmet, floppy shorts and 2000SPF button-down collar shirt, vintage 70’s style Vuarnet’s (blocking 100% UV and 80% visible, special order, from a high-end store in Palo Alto in the early ’80s). He looks like any number of over-the-hill Corvallis recumbent riders.

It is amazing how many roadies simply ignore even the friendliest of waves from a recumbent rider. One is simply beneath notice for The Lords of The Roads. Sort of like when a gentleman of a Certain Age encounters a young hottie. She sees some uninteresting geeze like a (non-lecherous) friend of her father, or simply a translucent figure, who, like a bathroom window is sort of seen through; there, but not so much so as to really bear notice.

Some good hiking was done out East with The Long Suffering Girlfriend and Devil Puppy, including the first known ascent of Strawberry Peak by a show-grade English Springer Spaniel:

Devil Puppy sitting on summit andesite, Strawberry Peak (9042′).
Canyon Mountain with it’s famous complete ophiolite sequence in the background.

Then there was the solo Rogue River Trail hike TLRC undertook, where, besides a couple bears stirred up, he encountered Mr. Snake eating lunch:

Mr. Snake at lunch. Note tail of Mr. Mouse, whom Mr. Snake is consuming, and Mr. Snake’s rattling tail.

TLRC also experimented with ultralight backpacking, in which one does things like using a “multipurpose poncho”!, i.e., when it is raining (which it did) and one wants to get warm and dry, one removes the poncho that is being worn as protection from the “elements”, and then stands around in the “elements” while setting it up as a tarp to wriggle beneath to get out of said “elements”. Does anyone besides TLRC see the flaw in this plan?

“Is that a real poncho, or a Sears poncho?” A damp morning at Solitude Bar, Rogue River.

Enough of the summer camp report and back to business.