Bicycling in the Oregon Coast Range


Welcome to The Logging Road Cyclist, a website devoted to bicycling the abundant gravel, dirt and paved backroads of Oregon, from the Spectacular Coast Range to the Cascades and beyond. This is a new site, and content will steadily be added, so come often!

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5 thoughts on “Bicycling in the Oregon Coast Range

  1. TLRC, Thatsa purdy fancy bike ya got there! Your commentary and stories are great, are you a published author? Any thoughts on rating your rides with….say a chicken-leg scale? I ask, because, I have strong legs, but very skinny, I am often asked “Are those your legs, or are you sittin’ on a chicken? I look forward to checking out some Coast Range riding in your area….Sounds like a real adventure! Thanks.

  2. I enjoyed browsing your site and share your appreciation for the great nowhere. The two shifters on the right is awesome–if you used a cross lever, you could do the same with the brakes. Or maybe not.

  3. I think you are a mad man – lost in an industrial wasteland, embraced by nothing more than the cold arms of coastal fog. Go Forth TLRC – deeper into the great misery of washed out shale trails and downed timber!!!!!

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