Where’s TLRC Contest

The Logging Road Cyclist got the biggest Christmas gift ever on Christmas Eve! He had taken the El Mariachi out for a Mac Forest workout ride and stopped at Dimple Hill on the way back to take in the view. The fog had lifted, leaving streamers among all the valleys and ridges, and otherwise all was clear. In the evening sun, it was stunning.

Several groups of people were enjoying the scene, and one lone cyclist on a single speed. He asked TLRC where he had ridden, and with the usual useless arm waving, he had tried to describe it. The single speeder said he had a map, so TLRC pulled out his folding readers and they powwowed. After a bit, TLRC (a modest man) delicately alluded to the website, at which the single speeder said “Oh, you’re TLRC!”, to which the ever brilliant TLRC replied “Why yes, however did you know?” The single speeder (seemingly a polite fellow) tried to look like TLRC wasn’t an idiot and said “A website about gravel roads, Corvallis…how many could there be?”

Thus begins the “Where’s TLRC?” contest. Anyone who correctly identifies TLRC out in the world wins one of the cheap-ass TLRC magnets that fades in six months, or an equally cheap-ass sticker, at the discretion of TLRC. Single speeder, contact the site now, and claim your prize!

2 thoughts on “Where’s TLRC Contest

  1. Hello Logging Road Cyclist! I am the single speeder you met on Dimple Hill 12/24. You run a top-notch website, Happy Holidays!! Keep up the great work!

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