Big Reorganization!!!!

The Logging Road Cyclist was  initially conceived as a simple catalog of bicycle routes  through the Oregon back-of-beyond. The original structure of the site reflected this: organized geographically, rides were listed by regions set down by TLRC himself. At the time, the notion of a serious blog had not surfaced. As time has passed, however, TLRC finds himself more drawn to the blog format (god help the world, a pontificator with an IP) , wherein the latest adventure is memorialized in a post. More energy is going into blogging at this point than into cataloging, mainly because most of the “established” routes have been cataloged, and also because most recent adventures have not risen to the level of catalogable rides. Not that the rides aren’t interesting…

Of late, TLRC has felt burdened by the old format, that his creativity is being stifled by an outmoded structure, albeit one of his own devising. Thus, he is ushering in the new: henceforth, rides will be blogged about, and in the “Rides” section of the site, still organized geographically, links to the blog entries will be provided. Hopefully this will allow TLRC maximum freedom to pontificate, while retaining a measure of the geo-spatial organization that has undoubtedly proven so useful to the scores of adventure cyclists that TLRC is sure have come to rely on the site as a source for inspiration and guidance.

The Big Reorganization will be an ongoing, organic process. TLRC begs patrons for their patience.


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