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The first ride of Spring was an old project that had lain dormant for a long time. Since first coming to ride in the Laurel Mountain Massif, The Logging Road Cyclist had had an eye on a traverse right across, from the Siletz North Fork to Falls City. His old riding buddy D. had also had a jones for this one, but they just never got to it. Having scoped out the S Line road during the winter the last piece fell into place and TLRC had a big loop to do just the way he liked them: a set of pieces that he knew well enough to put it all together without glancing at a map.

This ride is moderately long, moderately hard, and is a good introduction to serious Coast Range riding. It has a couple of big climbs that are not inordinately abusive, reasonably easy navigation, and a real sense of the isolation available out there. One gets a feel for the size of the Massif: It’s 25 miles from Falls City to the start of the traverse back at the base of the S Line, and then a solid 20 miles over the Massif, most of which is behind locked gates. If something happens, no one is going to come and get you, and even the sections along the Valsetz and North Fork Roads are only lightly travelled.

On this ride, there was a nice display of the Coast Range aesthetic. On his way into Falls City and the Post Office parking lot, TLRC saw an older gent in a small and beat-up pickup pull up in from of the store. He had a huge, rufous dog riding shotgun. TLRC was puzzling over what breed this might be when he suddenly realized this was no canine but rather a goat! A while later, grinding up the Valsetz grade he found yet another wonderful display of art loggeaux:

Oregon’s Spectacular Coast Range where Industry and Art blend harmoniously.

The weather was supposed to be reasonable, and it was up to the pass, but beyond into the Valsetz Triangle a steady soaking rain greeted TLRC.

Spring in The Triangle

The weather got back to tolerable, even pleasant up the North Fork, enough so that some nice views into the steep canyon that hold Boulder Creek were obtained.

Looking over the Boulder-NF Siletz confluence.

Looking up Boulder Creek.

TLRC felt he understood how timber prices were fairing lately. There are some truly appalling new clear cuts, even by Massif standards.


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  1. reading TLRC at Cafe Grumpy’s in Brooklyn NY (Greenpoint) . Anna is sweeping up. Judith and Steve are planning an Ace hardware /Islamic tile franchise. I am looking at your photos

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