Imperfecta Abominatio

The Logging Road Cyclist doesn’t get out much. He keeps to himself with his nose to his private grindstone. In short, he often doesn’t have much of an idea of what’s going on. Somehow he heard about this death ride in his on bailiwick, The Abomination. Seventy miles and 10K of climbing. Clearly this was something that needed to be done. Besides, this cleverly put together ride includes some new country for TLRC, roads north of the Yachats River that he had wanted to check out.

Rather than follow the whole route, TLRC started on the Yachats River so that he could cover the parts unknown to him early in the ride so as to avoid dropping into unknown pits when exhausted toward the end. This starting point also gave several shortcuts back to the car in case he wanted to stop early.

Good thing, a logging operation on the 3210 blocked access to that part of the ride, and the section along Five Rivers Rd.


TLRC has learned the hard way that in spite of his charm, manners and “only being on a bike” loggers don’t care, and just want you out of their way, and get really irritated when you ask to pedal through their operation. They have a point, and TLRC now lets them alone. Lassitude and logging trucks on the 58 led him to shortcut down the 54 and go home. Even so, what he did ride was through some of the prettiest country the Siuslaw has to offer, and he hopes to get back and do the whole thing at some point.

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