Lobster Creek, Five Rivers and Points West and South

The region bounded by the Siuslaw River drainage to the south and east, the Alsea River drainage to the north and east, and the Pacific on the west is a treasure trove of gravel and paved rides. The lovely valleys of Lobster Creek and Five Rivers provide north-south corridors for paved roads through agricultural valleys in the rugged coastal hills, mostly in Forest Service land. From Five Rivers, road 37 climbs up towards the height of Klondike Mountain and is a path to Cape Perpetua and Yachats. Indian Creek with its tributary road system allows access from Lake Cr (along Hwy 36) into the heights of the region along various Forest Service roads. There are many possible combinations yielding routes with only a few miles of gravel, or more, as desired. The area feels remote, and on many rides through it, The Logging Road Cyclist has met few people. The ones he has met have been unfailingly friendly and interesting to pass some time with. TLRC has encountered a LOT of wildlife here and has been known to refer to the ridges along roads 5880, 3250 and 37 as “The Wildlife Safari”. On one ride along roads  3250 and 37, TLRC encountered in the space of about 45 minutes: 1) A pair of elk (bull and cow), at about 50′ range, 2) Mr. Bear, hustling along the road, again at short range, and 3) Mrs. Cougar and her 3 kittens. The last encounter happened as TLRC rounded a corner, pedaling just enough so the freewheel was engaged (i.e. silent), and TLRC almost ran into Mrs. Cougar. TLRC saw her first, and spent an anxious 30s or so until she realized that TLRC was a human and not worthy of much more attention, and got her kittens away. She did snarl several times while walking towards TLRC, leaving TLRC quaking in his Sidis and glad his frame was Ti, not C, the better to hide behind. Here are a few example rides:

1) Preacher Creek, 50mi,  6700′ , road or cross.

2) Klickitat Mtn Road Loop (mostly, 6 or so miles of gravel),  65mi, 7000′  road or cross

3) Klickitat grind (way more gravel), 70mi, 7300′, cross

4) Cannibals, Indians and a Grave, 56mi, 6000′, cross

5) Siuslaw’s Spectacles, 54mi, 9800′, cross

6) Imperfecta Abominatio, 36mi, 5600′, cross