Routes and Maps

The Logging Road Cyclist aims to please, but not to spoon feed. The written descriptions of the rides are sometimes loose, in the sense of not giving a blow-by-blow of the routes. This is done for several reasons. This website is essentially an exercise in self-indulgence: TLRC does like to rattle on, and he enjoys doing it in writing, even more than he thought he would. Thus ride descriptions tend to be stories more than anything else. He is also loath to deprive visitors to the site of the same adventure that he had while figuring these rides out. Finally, for those who want more detailed information there are paired links, e.g. ride (gpx). The first links to the Garmin Connect website, where visitors can look at a map, etc., and those with an account can download the gpx file for the ride. The second link takes one to a page whence the gpx file can be downloaded directly. Note to Safari users: for some reason when downloading the gpx files, another .xml extension is added to the filename, e.g. ride.gpx goes to ride.gpx.xml. So far, just removing the .xml extension fixes things.

Another note: clicking on any photograph brings up a bigger version. hit the back button on your browser to return to the page.